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We produce the coolest
games ever

Developing the first ready-to-market mind-controlled VR games
* It sounds immodest, but even our conservative lawyers agree with this. We can also add that it's "according to our BCI games market research"


The industry of VR parks is actively developing around the world. But all the attractions are physically controlled
(controllers, joysticks, steering wheels, etc.). It's cool, but not cool enough.

Our team consists of AAA game designers, neurophysiologists, programmers, data scientists, and engineers.
We are ready to blow up the market with a new product - brain-controlled VR games.
No controllers, just the power of thought. Isn't it hot?

We are producing VR games since BCI-interfaces are easily integrated into a VR headset.
However, our technology might apply to other areas.

Mind Fighters
Choose your avatar: biomutant or mech, each having different types of weapons. Fight with opponents
at different levels of the space station choosing your target with the power of thought. And remember: you are
not the only one who knows how to shoot in this world. Accumulate rewards and increase your rating.

Genre: Third-person shooter
Number of players: up to 2 players
Duration of the game session: 7 minutes
Number of game levels: 3
Training: No training required
Recommended age: 12+
Release Date: 22.08.2019

Raccoons VS Demons

The guardian of the fairytale forest must protect
the carefree raccoons from the evil forces. Demons have suddenly broken through an ancient and long-forgotten portal and the life of cute little raccoons depends on your concentration. Kill the demons with the power of your thought and save raccoons! The game is excellent for the youngest visitors to VR parks.

Genre: Turn-Based RPG
Number of Players: One
Training: No training required
Duration of the game session: 7 minutes
Number of game levels: 2
Recommended age: 6+
Release Date: 17.05.2019

Ready to fly
We bet you would like to learn to fly like a bird, using wings as easily as they do. It has been made possible! Choose your wings (eagle, dragon, cybernetic) and learn to fly
as you have them. You don't need to strain your muscles
to wave them. Just imagine that these are your real wings and think "Fly!". The brain will learn to control them pretty quickly.

Genre: Flyer
Number of Players: One
Duration of the game session: 7 minutes
Training: 1-2 minutes during the first game session
Number of game levels: 3
Recommended age: 12+
Expected release date: 18.12.2019
Neuro masterpiece
Select one of ten artistic styles. Through the analysis
of your brain activity, a picture will be drawn around you, and music will be recorded. Create your unique
artistic and musical masterpiece that will capture the state
of your brain at this very moment!

Genre: Neuro Art
Number of Players: One
Duration of the game session: 7 minutes
Training: no training required
Number of game locations: 10
Recommended age: 12+
Expected release date: 21.02.2020


Our goal was to create a new kind of games using the brain-computer interface. For this purpose, we have developed brain wave analysis methods that have never been used in the gaming industry. Most of the existing brain-computer interfaces are based on brain rhythms analysis. This approach is easy to implement, but its main disadvantages are the control complexity, and lack of speed and accuracy.

The brain-computer interface of "Mind Fighters" and "Raccoons VS Demons" is based on the analysis of event-related potentials. Event-related potentials are small changes in the electrical activity of the human brain generated in response to events or objects in the game. This method allows detecting the direction
of the player's attention highly accurately. Thus, we develop dynamic games that are truly driven
by the power of thought. Through our tailored neural network with a two-layer architecture consisting of an autoencoder and EEGNet-based convolution aggregator, we have been able to dramatically reduce the number of errors dramatically.

We are developing our new games using different technology. The one underlying in "Ready to fly" is based on the analysis and isolation of the rhythmic activity from the "mix" with the alpha rhythm when imagining movement. It allows us to train players to use virtual limbs with reasonable accuracy or, for example, control their avatar.

VR+BCI Headset

We have developed a neuroheadset tailored for the best and most popular LBE VR headset – HTC Vive Pro.

The neuroheadset is a modern encephalographic hardware-software complex designed for highly efficient recording of bioelectric potentials of brain activity, its further analysis, and synchronization with the game process.

The neuroheadset consists of an amplifier and eight passive electrodes mounted on elastic strips to the VR headset in the occipital-parietal region, and all additional wires are assembled into a single braid with the main cable. As an electrode contact, we use caps made of solid hydrogel to ensure maximum contact. They do not grease the hair, do not require saline, and look like translucent silicone pads.

The control is performed using the software supplied with the neuroheadset. For brain-controlled games, we recommend using a personal computer with the following characteristics:

CPU: Core i5 8400 (or AMD equivalent)
RAM: 16 Gb
Hard disc free space: 50 Gb
Operating System: Windows 8.1 / 10

Integration with attractions

The headset can be integrated into any attraction or simply used with an ergonomic chair that allows rotation of at least 180 degrees.
Social responsibility
Even though our games are designed to entertain healthy people, they can make life better for partially
or completely disabled people. We provide our game content for free to all users of the medical communication network NeuroChat.

Below is our core team. The project support functions are performed
by employees of the KB-12 group of companies.
Tatiana Aleksandrova
Chief Commercial Officer
Yi Er Law
Asian Pacific Sales manager
Alex Chicherov
US Sales manager
Alex Khalezov
Product manager, systems engineer
Qiu Weiyi
Development manager in China
Vagram Adamyan
Executive producer
Kate Kolesnichenko
PR manager
Alex Panov
Founder & CEO
Advisers and experts
Natalia Galkina
Founder and CEO of NeuroChat and NeuroTrend
Leader of "Neurocommunication and marketing" section of NeuroNet branch union
Supervisor of more than 100 research projects based on neurophysiological methods and tools
Alexander Kaplan
Ph.D. in Biology, psychophysiologist, professor, Department of Human and Animal Physiology, Head of the Laboratory for Neurophysiology and Neuro-Computer Interfaces, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Biology
Vladimir Kanin
Founder & CEO Pay-Me, serial entrepreneur
10-year entrepreneurial experience, top manager, investor and expert in the field of fintech, mobile technologies and entrepreneurship
Alex Ivanov
20+ investment deals /$94M
Former Head of Fintech Investment Finstar
Former Partner at Life.SREDA VC
Studied at Harvard and London Business Schools
The research company that is utilizing neuromarketing technologies in the analysis of consumer choice and perception
Mobile, wireless electroencephalographic system based on dry electrodes
Laboratory for Neurophysiology and Neuro-Computer Interfaces (NNCI), M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

To contact us, fill out the feedback form, send us an email, or call us.
Commercial and business partnerships:
Tatiana Alexandrova | Chief Commercial Officer

Research, data exchange, participation in workshops:

Alexey Khalezov | Product manager, system engineer


Ekaterina Kolesnichenko | PR manager

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